1,000 Children Sick From Mystery Illness

(NewsGlobal.com)- It’s another day with significant absenteeism in a Virginia school district, and the flu is to blame.

Over 1,000 students missed school last week in Stafford County, Virginia, due to illness at Stafford High School. Then, on Monday, it was roughly 670.

A county schools official said in a statement that the local health department had found that some pupils had tested positive for the flu.

Sandra Osborn, a Stafford County Public Schools spokesperson, said they were working with the Virginia Department of Health and the Rappahannock Area Health Department. They have determined that many pupils have tested positive for influenza.

They also notice a trend in gastrointestinal problems, which the flu could cause.

All after-school events and sports practices are permitted to resume on Tuesday, and the high school will remain open. However, all interscholastic athletic contests have been postponed through Tuesday.

Osborn claims that the high school cleaned thoroughly over the weekend.

They looked into the water fountains and the lunch service and found no evidence that these services were related to the diseases.

There will be time for students to complete assignments that need to be completed.

According to the Virginia Department of Health’s recommendation, the district’s schools should remain open, and mitigation efforts should continue.

The school posted on Facebook that “all events involving Stafford High School students may resume Tuesday, following consultation with our health department.”

This included extracurricular activities like clubs, practices, and after-school study or test preparation. On Tuesday, athletic competitions between the schools are postponed to “minimize exposure to other schools,” while athletic activities among Stafford High School students may resume.”

Some students are reluctant to return to school because of the widespread illness.

Following numerous kids calling in ill and describing similar symptoms on Thursday and Friday, the Rappahannock Area Health District announced Monday that it is collaborating with the school system to “examine a potential disease epidemic” at the high school.

The health district stated that since then, “the school has reported that many pupils have tested positive for influenza A, and more are experiencing respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms associated with the virus.”