146-Year-Old Rule Could Reduce Biden Officials Pay To $1 If They Don’t Testify

(NewsGlobal.com)- Andy Biggs, a Republican member of the House from Arizona, has floated an idea for how he’d force officials within the Biden administration to comply with potential congressional oversight investigations should the GOP regain the majority in both the Senate and House following the midterm elections in November.

The idea that Biggs is supporting is using what is known as the Holman rule. Just the News explained over the weekend what it has to do with when they wrote:

“The arcane rule had fallen out of sight for decades, but in 2017, House Republicans revived it to allow any federal bureaucrat’s salary to be cut to $1 in an effort to force spending cuts on agencies or programs unwilling to reduce spending.”

Now, Biggs thinks that Congress could also use the Holman rule to potentially slash the wages for any government official who decides not to comply with a subpoena issued by a congressional committee. Biggs himself is a member of both the Reform and House Judiciary and Oversight committees.

As he explained:

“It seems to me that we’re going to be able to hold you in contempt. Our problem, of course, is the contempt law, the way it’s written, we end up having to go to, of all places, [Attorney General] Merrick Garland. That means getting the Department of Justice, trying to get him to help us enforce that subpoena.

“We’re probably going to have to look very carefully at how you change that law. Because you can’t go to the enforcer who is not willing to participate.”

Many Republican members of Congress have already promised, in so many words, that they will initiate multiple investigations into Democrats and the Biden administration should the GOP regain control of either or both chambers of Congress. Right now, Democrats have a slight lead in the House and only a technical lead in the Senate, and many pundits project that the GOP is primed to win back control of at least one, if not both, come November.

Potential investigations include a look into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and whether President Joe Biden or other administration officials were involved or knew about it; the origins of the coronavirus and the Biden administration’s handling of COVID-19 mandates; and the doling out of a massive amount of funds in various spending packages.

The challenge for the GOP, as Biggs pointed out, is that even if the party is to retake control of Congress, they would be doing so under a Democratic White House for at least the next two years. This means that they ultimately would need to deal with a liberal Department of Justice led by a Biden appointee, as well as many other Biden appointees.

That could sully their ability to force certain members of the Biden administration to testify.

In search of another way to pressure them to do so, Biggs believes the Holman rule could be a good idea. After all, if you want to force a Democratic politician to do something you want them to do, taking away their access to money is a good place to start.