17-Year-Old Athlete Dies From Mysterious Blood Clot

(NewsGlobal.com)- According to a statement from his family, a senior high school student from Holmes County High School in Florida was discovered unresponsive at a golf course due to a “heart attack or blood clot” while training for an upcoming golf event.

Tyler Erickson passed away unexpectedly on Monday evening, just two days before his 18th birthday.

Tyler’s father, Clint Erickson, explained on his social media account that his son Tyler returned home from golf and opted to go back out on the course after drinking some water. This time he took the golf cart.
He looked pretty normal but was a bit exhausted. After discussing his golf game, he drove back into the course. The last thing he said was that he loved them.
Erickson noted that the Sun was setting, and Tyler had not returned his phone call. His parents went to look for him and found him at the 6th hole. As they drew closer, they noticed Tyler was on the floorboard of the golf cart.

His father performed CPR while his mother sought help. The doctor assumed Tyler had a heart attack or a blood clot at the hospital. His family requested an autopsy.

Erickson stated on social media that they had no idea why it happened. He wrote that Tyler would be missed by his family and friends and asked to please keep them in their prayers.

Reports show the residents of Holmes County are mourning the death of a gifted athlete and student. Following Tyler’s passing, tributes came in on social media, and many people went to Dogwood Lakes Golf Course to pay their respects to Tyler.
How long are we supposed to pretend that healthy teens and young adults dying of mass heart attacks and blood clots is normal?
This is not normal.

Children should not pass on before their parents. Especially not under highly suspicious medical circumstances.