2 Similar Killings Spark New Serial Killer Fears

Two comparable killings in the same neighborhood of Indianapolis occurred within days of one other last week, and authorities are now investigating both cases.

According to a press statement from the Indianapolis Police Department, there is no indication that the two homicides were connected despite the similarities.  Police have taken notice of the commonalities between the two instances, such as the same style of murder and the fact that the victims were both caucasian women in their fifties. Police said they were both from the same area and that their bodies were discovered on the same road.

Despite classifying both incidents as murders, police have not disclosed information on the manner of each woman’s death or named a suspect.

Acting Police Chief Chris Bailey called on anybody with information that may link the two cases to contact the police at the press conference, which the department said was postponed due to excessive caution.

Local reports show the body of the first woman, Shannon Lassere (58), was discovered in the car park of an Indianapolis dentist’s office on the morning of January 27.  On February 1, another woman, Marianne Weis (52), was discovered dead behind a local strip mall.

According to Justin Smith, who is Lassere’s son, his mother went for a stroll on the night of January 26 and never came back. He also said that the two murders were not coincidental.

For the sake of public safety and to stop this kind of violence in the town, the Indianapolis police have said that they would be increasing the number of officers in the area.

Investigators will be sweeping the neighborhood, and residents will see more uniformed cops monitoring the area, both on foot and in cars, according to the police.

Police are requesting that everyone in the vicinity review their own private surveillance film for any signs of unusual or suspicious activity.  Police are collaborating with county crime scene investigators.