2020 Election Auditor Failed To Declare “Zuckerbucks”

(NewsGlobal.com)- Officials from a county funded by Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life used a local newspaper piece to deny the evidence of election fraud, praising mail-in votes and trying to dispel suspicions of foul play.

According to Paddy McGuire’s essay for the Shelton-Mason County Journal in 2020,
mail-in voting provides unprecedented “safety and security.”

Mr. McGuire, the Mason County Auditor, wrote over a dozen pieces for the County Journal leading up to the 2020 election but never mentioned the Center for Tech and Civic Life award (CTCL) pays him.

The bi-weekly piece, which began in January 2020, was praised by CTCL for touting his office as a credible source of information and combatting preventing misinformation.”

In 2020, CTCL utilized millions from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative to override local election authorities and raise turnout in mostly Democratic regions. Proving their partisanship, CTCL executives reportedly overruled election officials and viewed mail-in votes ahead of time.

The Mason County Treasurer received a $32,904 CTCL grant to support the safe administration of public elections during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An apparent conflict of interest exists between the CTCL’s contribution to McGuire’s county, his column’s defense of mail-in voting security despite widespread fraud and mistakes, and the 2020 election’s legitimacy.

McGuire explained why his office didn’t accept in-person election monitors in an op-ed titled “We Prepare and Plan.”

In the last two and a half weeks before the election, McGuire wrote that because of Covid-19, individuals couldn’t register to vote in person or observe the counting of votes.
He blamed the fact that his office building was closed due to “the pandemic.”

McGuire told CTCL that “proactive outreach helped minimize the criticism that we didn’t allow observers.” Officials said citizens might instead watch live ballot-counting feeds.

“There is no convincing proof that anybody tampered with the election’s outcome anywhere,” he stated in an essay published on November 26th, 2020.

McGuire echoed left-wing talking points about delayed election results being standard.

McGuire’s writing is another example of how the CTCL and its Zuckerberg-funded patron hoped to shift the US electoral environment in favor of mail-in ballots.