68yo Lowe’s Employee Reinstated After Wrongful Firing

Three thieves entered a Lowe’s in Rincon, Georgia, on June 25 and made off with at least one shopping cart full of merchandise.

The home improvement store dismissed a 68-year-old employee for valiantly attempting to stop shoplifters from making off with over $2,000 in stolen products.

Donna Hansbrough’s commitment and the internet outcry over the store’s decision to fire the abused woman for a purported policy violation were factors in the company’s about-face. They reinstated her to her position with the company.

The Rincon Police Department said that Hansbrough grabbed one of the suspects by the shopping cart and tried to stop them.

Police named Takyah Berry, her uncle Joseph Berry, and Jarmar Lawton the suspects in a shoplifting case.

The 68-year-old told reporters she dreaded watching stuff go out the door. She completely lost it.

Hansbrough allegedly requested a receipt as Takyah Berry was leaving the business. She snatched the shopping cart away when the accused failed to provide one.

According to the police report, Berry struck Hansbrough three times in the face, leaving the victim with a swollen black eye. The police emphasized that Hansbrough did not make contact with anyone at any time.

In a statement released on Monday, Lowe’s said after senior management reviewed the situation and spoke to the employee, Donna Hansbrough, they are reinstating her to her position and are pleased that Hansbrough agreed to return to the Rincon, Georgia, store.

Larry Costello, the senior manager of corporate communications, said that people cannot be replaced as products can. 

According to the police, Joseph Berry was arrested on July 22 in Jacksonville, Florida. Lawton has been arrested before.

 Meanwhile, Takyah Berry hasn’t been found yet. There was a similar theft at a Walmart in Chatham County, and Berry is wanted for questioning in connection with it.