8 Out Of 10 Americans Think Country Is Out Of Control

(NewsGlobal.com)- A new CBS Battleground Tracker/YouGov poll has found that a majority of American believe the country is out of control. As the midterm elections are currently underway, with millions having already voted and many million more set to vote on November 8, the poll found that 8 in 10 Americans, 79%, believe the country is “out of control” rather than “under control.”

Currently, the news does not reportedly bode well for Democrats as the party in power. The GOP is projected to pick up key seats in both the Senate and the House, as the party bets on high election day turnout to overwhelm the mail-in ballots that have already come in.

As the summer of 2022 came to a close, Democrats began to dominate polls after early projections suggested a “red wave.” Democrats enjoyed legislative victories, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, a $740 billion spending package focusing on green energy, tax reform, and health care benefits. Republicans also lost some support after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

The GOP holds a 5-point lead in the generic congressional ballot, according to Rasmussen, with 48% of likely voters saying they would vote for the Republican candidate and 43% leaning toward the Democrat.

The race can reportedly go either way at this point, with Republicans just taking a majority of House seats or Democrats just barely retaining a majority. Democrats currently hold a majority of 220 seats in the House compared with Republicans’ 212 seats. Republicans need only to flip six seats to win the majority of 218 districts.

Biden narrowly won many of the suburban districts in which seats are up for grabs.

According to CBS, Republicans are currently leading in 228 seats, an increase representing more favorable views toward the party after the summer season.

The CBS poll also dives into other concerns between voters within the two parties. A majority of Republican voters, 73%, and 47% of Independents support challenging election officials as votes are counted. 69% of Democrats and 53% of Independents are opposed.

A majority of both Republicans also support private citizens patrolling polling places and ballot boxes to prevent any fraud that might be taking place. A majority of Democrats and Independents oppose such measures.