800 Illegals Accidentally Land In Cuba On Their Way To America

(NewsGlobal.com)- A boat loaded with 842 Haitians trying to make their way to America inadvertently landed in Cuba last week.

Cuba. America. With Joe Biden and the Democrats in charge, who can tell the difference?

The vessel came ashore in Villa Clara, Cuba last Tuesday. And according to the independent outlet Cubanet, state-controlled media outlets confirmed the boat’s arrival, reporting that many of the passengers aboard were children, including newborn babies. Cuban officials are expected to deport the Haitians back to Haiti.

Okay, there is one difference between Cuba and America. Cuba deports those who illegally arrive on their shores.

According to state-run TV, Cuban authorities provided the wayward Haitians with medical care and humanitarian assistance (a likely story). The communist regime was in contact with the government in Haiti to ensure “the safe and voluntary return” of the Haitians back to their country.

This isn’t even the first boat of Haitians heading for America that ended up in Cuba. Geography must not be widely taught in Haitian schools.

In February, a vessel attempting the trip to America with 292 Haitian aboard landed in Ciego de Ávila. Among the passengers were 56 children.

Back in October, another boat with 50 Haitians came ashore in Cuba as well.

The Cuban regime has used these inadvertent landings as a propaganda tool, playing up its humanitarian response.

One of the teenagers aboard last week’s wayward vessel told the Associated Press that the ship left Haiti on Saturday, May 21 and before it arrived in Cuba, 15 aboard had already committed suicide over the lack of food by throwing themselves into the ocean.

The Haitian passengers had to pay $4,000 a piece for the chance to accidentally travel to Cuba only to get sent back home.

Since Biden became president, Haitians have been flooding the US southern border. The El Paso Sector has become the busiest border crossing point, sometimes processing as many as 5,000 illegals a day. Half of those have been Haitian.