Abandoned Documents Allegedly Show What Putin’s Plan Was

(NewsGlobal.com)- According to the director of Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation, who announced in a Telegram statement on Wednesday, fleeing Russian soldiers left behind key military documents that indicated Russian President Vladimir Putin had plans to seize all of Ukraine.

According to the statement, Ukrainian forces found the papers while searching the town of Trostyanets, which is located in the Sumy Oblast in the country’s northeast.

Trostyanets, which is around 370 kilometers (230 miles) away from the country’s capital city of Kyiv, was freed from Russian captivity by Ukrainian forces at the end of March.

According to Oleksiy Sukhachev, the director of Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation, investigators discovered “important documents of soldiers of the Russian Federation’s Armed Forces that give a clear understanding that Russia was preparing to seize all of the territories of Ukraine.”

The message went on to say that all of this material would be examined later.

Since the town’s liberation, almost 2,000 hectares of its ruined landscape have been surveyed by Ukrainian authorities, according to Sukhachev.

In addition to the documents, the soldiers also discovered that more than 300 residential buildings had sustained irreparable damage, according to Sukhachev. He also mentioned that a number of unexploded bombs and shells had been found in the area.

The Russian military files confirmed prior assessments made by Western officials, who stated that Putin had intentions to take over the entirety of Ukraine quickly but was unable to do so.

Early in the month of April, Russian forces pulled back from the capital city of Kyiv, where they had been stationed with the intention of capturing the city within the next few days, and refocused their offensive efforts on the eastern part of Ukraine.