Abbott Accuses Biden Of Failing On Border

President Joe Biden’s approach to securing the southern border and deporting illegal immigrants has come under criticism from Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott. In an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Governor Abbott highlighted former President Donald Trump’s actions. He argued that Biden has the power to address these issues without needing permission from Congress.

Abbott emphasized that the President of the United States has the authority to deny illegal entry and detain illegal immigrants. He accused Biden of failing in both these duties, which he believes gives Texas the authority to take action in securing its border and protecting the state through self-defense.

Texas has multiple legal disputes with the Biden administration regarding the state’s deployment of floating barriers and razor wire to fortify the southern border. Governor Abbott disclosed that other Republican governors are backing Texas on this matter. He detailed how deploying razor wire has successfully curbed illegal immigration at a particular location, the scene of a confrontation between state authorities and the federal government.

Abbott emphasized that over half of the nation’s governors are standing with Texas in backing the core principle that states possess the right to defend themselves in the face of immediate danger or invasion. Texas is convinced it is confronting both challenges. The use of razor wire has markedly decreased illegal border crossings, exemplified by Eagle Pass, Texas, where the number of daily crossings plummeted from thousands to merely three in the last three days.

The governor argued that by resisting and showing their ability to secure the border, they are sending a message that Biden should not impede their efforts. The support from other governors indicates a united front in demanding border security and defending states’ rights.

Governor Abbott’s statements highlight the persisting discord between Texas and the Biden administration over border management. The implementation of razor wire and floating barriers has been effective in reducing illegal immigration in specific regions. As these legal disputes unfold, the debate over border security intensifies, emphasizing states’ claims to safeguard their boundaries and enforce the United States’ laws.