Air Force Academy Is Now Giving Courses On Gender Issues

( Veterans have always complained about young people lacking discipline and traditional values. Veterans of the Greek phalanx, Roman legions, and Napoleon’s elite corps believed youth would destroy their armies. But this is no longer the veterans’ top concern. The biggest threat they see to our military is extreme progressive (or “woke”) policies enforced by the very leaders responsible for guaranteeing their preparedness.


White House, Congress, and Pentagon leaders impose wokeness on the military without knowing its purpose, character, traditions, or requirements. The campaign for it didn’t start under Biden, and it won’t cease if a non-woke administration is elected in 2024. Military wokeness is ingrained. Senior military officers must cooperate unless rules are illegal or harm readiness.


On Thursday, the United States Air Force Academy hosted a lecture titled “Transgender Visibility and Awareness in Our Air Force,” which aimed to raise awareness of transgender issues inside the Air Force.

According to a copy of an invitation to the event, this was a “conversation session” focused on transgender people in the military.

These kinds of activities are a part of a more significant effort made by the United States military to cultivate an atmosphere that is more accepting of people of different ethnic backgrounds. The far-left wing of the Democratic Party is being criticized for bringing a “woke” cultural agenda into the mainstream, which includes the type of training being criticized here. For instance, gender identification training is obligatory in the Army, providing its officers with guidance on whether it is appropriate to suggest gender-affirming surgery to their subordinates.

The lecture occurred on the same day that the Free Beacon published an article about a class at the Air Force Academy that teaches cadets to “use inclusive language” and steers them from using gender pronouns.

During the workshop titled “transgender visibility,” Dr. Joseph Currin and Dr. Karin De Angelis, faculty members at the Air Force Academy, spoke about their experiences and had a question/answer period for the audience.

Lunch was provided to the first forty cadets who registered for the session at no cost.