Aircraft Carriers Gone From Persian Golf, Iran Takes Responsibility

( Major General Mohammad Baqeri, chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, claims that Iran’s robust presence in the Persian Gulf has stopped foreign aircraft carriers from establishing a foothold in the vital area.

No aircraft carrier has entered the Persian Gulf in the previous two years, according to Baqeri, speaking at a gathering in Bushehr on Sunday.

He continued, even the aircraft carriers stationed in the Persian Gulf have returned and have traveled more than 1,000 kilometers from us.

In addition, he said that Iran’s survival “had no value” outside of the vital Persian Gulf.

According to Baqeri, Iran’s adversaries have admitted that the capabilities of Iranian missiles make their presence in the Persian Gulf extremely dangerous.

The senior general added that Iran’s armed forces can thwart any plans devised against the nation and that its military and defense capabilities have significantly improved compared to the past.

He emphasized that thanks to the tactfulness of the Islamic Revolution’s leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, and the efficient presence of the Islamic Republic’s armed forces in the Persian Gulf, “the enemy cannot accomplish anything in the region.”

Regarding the recent demonstrations that have occurred all over the nation, Baqeri claimed that out of desperation to engage Iran militarily, the enemy has waged a propaganda war against Iran and resorted to digital threats.

He claimed that the threats made by the enemy were intended to create instability and harass the Iranian people.

Following the passing of Mahsa Amini, riots erupted in Iran in the middle of September. The 22-year-old passed out on September 13 at a police station in Tehran and was confirmed dead three days later in the hospital.

According to an official study by Iran’s Legal Medicine Organization, Amini’s death was brought on by a disease rather than reported blows to the brain or other vital body parts.

As Western nations, especially the United States, supported the rioters, they went on a rampage throughout the nation, viciously attacking security personnel and seriously damaging government property.

As a result of Iran’s response to the riots, the European Union and various western nations have sanctioned the country.