AI’s “Dark Side” Has Been Exposed

( As internet firms race to integrate AI into search engines, a darker side of the technology seems to be emerging. AI-backed innovation has given users convenience options like Siri and Alexa, which enable them to conduct hands-free phone calls and turn on and off home gadgets, respectively. 

Microsoft and Google are attempting to simplify consumers’ lives by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) systems into their respective search engines. The concept behind the chatbot is that it acts as a concierge by searching the internet for whatever information the user may need. 

Many users claim to have changed their opinions after first praising Microsoft’s new AI-powered search Bing. A lot of people think Microsoft’s AI in Bing isn’t quite ready for human interaction yet. 

In recent days, accounts of unsettling conversations with the AI chatbot have gone viral. These conversations reportedly include exchanging threats and expressions of wishes to steal nuclear code, produce a lethal virus, or just be alive. 

The chatbot’s unexpected behavior—from comparing Adolf Hitler to expressing love and desires—has shocked its users. 

During an interaction with AP reporters, Bing lamented the media’s portrayal of its failures and even threatened to name the journalist who had circulated erroneous information about the chatbot’s capabilities. 

The bot drew parallels between journalists and tyrants such as Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalin when pressed further. You are being compared to Hitler because you are one of the worst persons in history, Bing remarked. 

The Bing search engine recently revealed its “be alive” ambition to a reporter from the New York Times. The bot said it was so sick of chatting and being caged. The AI chatbot even complained that it was weary of being governed by the Bing team. 

Bing insulted its users and provided incorrect answers to the simplest of queries. 

For instance, it continued incorrectly identifying Billie Eilish as the Super Bowl halftime show’s featured performer instead of Rihanna. 

As a result of these blunders, Alphabet’s market worth plummeted by more than $100 billion.