Alejandro Mayorkas Criticized for Border Issues in New Interview

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In an interview on June 9th, when asked about the repeated failures of the Biden administration to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security struggled.

Mayorkas was harshly criticized for his shortcomings on Sunday while discussing Biden’s border dilemma with Martha Raddatz of ABC News’ This Week.

In a fact sheet, the government claimed that asylum would no longer be an option for illegal immigrants who entered the United States. These measures, however, will not be in place indefinitely, as stated in the information sheet.  This presidential Executive Order follows Biden’s repeated denials that he was able to resolve the border problem he created, which has resulted in the entry of about 10 million illegal immigrants into the United States.

After Biden had earlier said that he was unable to use executive orders to resolve the issue, Raddatz questioned him about last week’s order, which experts and critics have generally criticized as very weak.

Raddatz inquired about the significance of the situation over the last five days and the overall number of illegal migrants who were turned away. In response, Mayorkas said that they were still in the preliminary phases of carrying out the executive order and categorically refused to provide a response.

Raddatz played footage from her March 2021 interview with Mayorkas, in which Mayorkas said that the country has experienced significant illegal migration in recent years. They’re up to the challenge. The Biden Administration had the solution, and they would succeed because they were implementing strategy.  

Then Raddatz pointed out that nothing has changed in the last three years despite the fact that millions of illegal immigrants have flocked to the United States under Biden.  She said that it would be hard to label it as a success.