All Charges Dropped In Possible False Flag

According to a report, the man who reportedly slammed through White House security barricades has had virtually all of the charges against him dropped, and critics are outraged.

As was previously reported, a man driving a U-Haul containing a Nazi banner slammed through a barrier protecting the White House. Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, a nonwhite man illegally in the US residing in Chesterfield, Missouri, was subsequently identified as the perpetrator.

After the confrontation, he was taken into custody and charged with threats to kidnap, kill, or cause harm to a President, Vice President with a dangerous weapon. It includes reckless operation of a motor vehicle, trespassing,  and causing harm to federal property.

However, something out of the usual occurred.  All charges save one for depredation of United States property above $1,000 were dismissed, leaving Kandula without anything to answer for.  

A report shows that immediately, skepticism arose among Internet users. They searched the vehicle and discovered nothing save a Nazi flag. This fits too well into President Joe Biden and the FBI’s story about the terrible white supremacist menace in the United States. It’s another trolling operation, from the looks of it.

Kandula, while in police custody, produced a Nazi flag from his bag and allegedly stated his admiration for Hitler and Nazism. He then elaborated on his plan to go to the White House and take power over the country.

Federal prosecutors issued a brief arguing that Kandula should remain in jail without bail until his trial, citing that he had written a coup address in his diary in the event that he had succeeded in seizing power after the accident.

A  quote from his writing describes a post-democratic America. He urged fellow citizens of the USA to make history.

The trial of the 19-year-old, initially set to begin last Tuesday in a federal court in Washington, DC, was postponed.  June 9th will be Kandula’s next appearance in court.