America Divided On Biden’s Impeachment & Trump’s Eligibility

A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll shows the depth of political polarization in the United States, with respondents sharply divided over whether or not former President Donald Trump should be eligible for a second term and a congressional impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden.

Despite the stark contrasts between their positions, most people believe that Biden and Trump should be held accountable for their actions rather than claiming political victimhood.

Based on the information now available, 44% of the population believes that Congress should initiate impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden, and 47% of people think it shouldn’t. In terms of political affiliation, 83% of Democrats are against impeachment, while 74% of Republicans are in support of it. There was an even distribution of independents, 46% to 44%.

Republicans in the House have already argued that Biden misused his position and are now focusing on obtaining the president’s son’s and brother’s financial records.
House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., finished his first impeachment probe and issued three subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden’s personal and corporate bank records on Thursday evening.

According to Comer, the requirement for records is crucial for tracing the origin of funds from outside.

For around five years, the Bidens and their business connections allegedly collected over $24 million via foreign sources, according to a document issued Wednesday by Comer, Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.), and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

Comer said that Biden had exploited his official position for his family’s financial advantage, which he claimed was abuse. Comer noted that Biden had lied to Americans for a long time about how he did not discuss his business operations abroad with his family.

Republicans pointed to wires showing a Chinese individual’s payment of $250,000 to first son Hunter. Comer showed a 2019 payment record to Hunter from Chinese nationals, with his father’s Delaware residence indicated as his receiving address.

Professor of Law at George Washington University Jonathan Turley testified that evidence now fulfills the criteria of the high crime and misdemeanor required for an article of impeachment and that an investigation into possible impeachment proceedings against Biden is warranted.