Americans Divided On New Biden Racial Issue, Poll Finds

( According to a recent poll from the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs, views on President Biden’s vow to nominate a black woman to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court vary by racial group.

The poll found 63 percent of blacks say it is very or extremely important to them personally that a black woman be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, only 21 percent of white Americans and 33 percent of Hispanics say the same.

Overall, only 29 percent of Americans say it is very or extremely important and 23 percent said it is somewhat important. A plurality, however, 48 percent, said it was not important to them.

Desperate to turn attention away from his failure to stop Putin from invading Ukraine, on Friday, President Biden announced that he was nominating federal appeals court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

When introducing Jackson at the White House, Biden said he believed it was time the Supreme Court looked like the country.

Some Republican Senators, who had hoped Biden would nominate federal district judge Michelle Childs, expressed disappointment at Biden’s choice of Jackson whom they believe is far too radical to serve on the Supreme Court.

Senator Lindsey Graham said in a statement on Friday that choosing Jackson over Childs means “the radical Left has won President Biden over again.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn echoed Graham and said the Senate should not serve as a “rubber stamp for a radical progressive agenda.”

It is likely Jackson’s confirmation is a done deal even without a single Republican vote. Only 51 votes are needed for her confirmation and so long as every Democrat votes yes, Kamala Harris can break the tie.

But Kamala’s tie-breaking vote may not be necessary as there will likely be at least two Republicans who will, in the end, vote for Jackson’s confirmation, including Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski who, along with Lindsey Graham, voted to confirm Jackson to the DC Circuit Court last year.