Anderson Cooper Claims George Santos Stole Puppies

( Last week, CNN reported that scandal-plagued New York Congressman George Santos once purchased two puppies from an Amish dairy farmer in Pennsylvania using a bad check.

Speaking to CNN anonymously, the Lancaster County farmer said when he saw that the man wanted to pay for the puppies with a check, he grew “very suspicious” but against his better judgment, he accepted the check as payment only to have it bounce.

According to the Amish farmer, Santos was accompanied by a woman he described as his assistant. The pair were looking to buy two German shepherd puppies. After Santos reached an initial deal with the farmer, the woman immediately grabbed the two puppies and went back to their car.

The farmer told CNN that this was when he realized he had been hoodwinked by someone he believed he would never see or hear of again.

When he told Santos that he only takes cash, the future congressman appeared stunned at the notion, telling the farmer that he doesn’t carry that much cash. Santos said all he could do was write the farmer a check.

The farmer told CNN that he thought to himself at the time, “It looks like I am done.” After the check bounced, he was stuck with paying a bank charge on the bounced check and never recouped the payment from Santos.

Not long after the Amish puppy heist, Santos participated in a pet adoption event at a Staten Island pet store. The store’s owner Daniel Avissato told CNN that after the event, he wrote a check to Santos’ charity. But when he reviewed the canceled check online, he saw that the charity’s name had been crossed out and someone had written in Santos’ real name, Anthony Devolder.

After the CNN report was published, one of its reporters, Gary Tuchman, appeared on CNN’s “AC360” with Anderson Cooper who was stunned at how brazen George Santos was.

Cooper couldn’t wrap his mind around the idea that Santos wrote a bad check just to get two puppies, saying Tuchman’s report was “incredible.”

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