Another Colorado Campsite Found to Have Human Remains

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A set of human remnants have been uncovered at a dispersed campsite in Colorado, barely a year after a trekker found three victims at another campsite in the state.

Reports of possible human remains at a campground at the end of May were made public yesterday by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). In Park County, southwest of Denver, on Forest Service property, the gruesome find was found in a region outside of Bailey.

After confirming that the remains found were human, officials from the CBI, Park County Sheriff’s Office, and Park County Coroner’s Office secured the area and began an investigation.

According to the CBI, forensic experts and officials are gathering evidence and trying to figure out what happened. 

Three bodies were found at a campground in southern Colorado’s Gunnison National Forest last July.

Three mummified bodies were found in a remote campground in Colorado. A local coroner has recognized them as a family trying to live off the grid. The bodies were discovered by a hiker.

According to Michael Barnes, the coroner for Gunnison County, Rebecca Vance (42), her son (14), and her sister Christine Vance (41) went to the remote location in July of last year with the intention of making it their permanent home. Rebecca, according to Vance’s step-sister, sought a simpler life for herself and her son after becoming disillusioned with American politics and culture. Christine, her sister, accompanied them so she could help.

The sisters let their relatives know where they were going, but they remained silent about their exact whereabouts, and no one had reported them missing. There was no documentation of the 14-year-old youngster dropping out of school because he had been educated at home.

According to Barnes, there was proof that they died of malnutrition or the brutal winter weather.

Gunnison County ranks among the nation’s coldest counties. There were indications that they had constructed a fire within their tent and were hesitant to go far from it to use the restroom. Only one package of Ramen noodles was left in their campsite. 

The CBI asks the public to call the tip line at 720-295-6642 if they have any information.