Anti-Trump GOP Candidate’s Past Tweets Exposed, Although She Denies It

( After Republican candidate Kathy Barnette surged in the polls for the Pennsylvania Senate primary, operatives supporting Dr. Oz and other challengers began digging through her Twitter feed to monkey-wrench her campaign.

And while most of the questions and criticism over Barnette were coming from various conservative outlets, MSNBC did a brief report on her on Sunday, that included the reporter asking Barnette about a 2015 tweet in which she described pedophilia as being a “cornerstone of Islam.”

Despite the reporter showing Barnette a screen capture of the tweet, Barnette said she didn’t think it was hers.

Watch HERE.

But why would the leftwing media want to damage Barnette’s credibility before Tuesday’s primary? If she’s such a bad candidate, wouldn’t they want her to win the Republican nomination? Why turn her into Kryptonite if a Barnette win helps the Democrat candidate?

The same MSNBC reporter was back on Monday with “breaking” news that Kathy Barnette was spotted in photos marching to the Capitol on January 6.

If MSNBC believes Kathy Barnette is damaged goods, wouldn’t they want her to win on Tuesday? Attacking her past statements before the primary won’t help the Democrats, but it might help the Republicans choose a stronger candidate.

Perhaps MSNBC figured Republicans are already attacking her, so keeping quiet on her controversial past makes no difference. Or, perhaps internal polling shows that Dr. Oz is the weaker candidate, so MSNBC is doing its part to destroy his main challenger to help hand him a win.

Whatever the case, the surge Barnette enjoyed appeared to wane in the days leading up to the primary.

On Monday, Breitbart reported that many Republican voters who initially supported Barnette have been shifting their support to David McCormick or the fourth-place candidate Carla Sands.

According to Breitbart, a recent survey found that 80 percent of Republican voters are worried about Barnette’s electability while only 20 percent are not. Among Barnette supporters, 29.8 percent of them chose David McCormick as their second choice while 22.8 percent have Carla Sands as their second choice. Only 7 percent of Barnette supporters listed Dr. Oz as their second choice.