AOC Flips Out After Being Told To “Educate Yourself”

( During a discussion on Thursday over a measure in the House, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York attacked Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina for telling her to “educate” herself.

Proposing an amendment to the bill on Thursday, Ocasio-Cortez said that leasing additional land to fossil fuel firms would not ensure a decrease in gas costs and that businesses earning a profit would not “carry along” the savings to consumers.

AOC is hyper-sensitive about being a know-nothing after her many takedowns on social media. AOC famously did not know what a garbage disposal was, yet, the ex-bartender will pontificate about technologies much more sophisticated on the floor of congress. When called out she will simply say it’s because everyone wants to date her. No, that is not a joke.

The House was debating a measure that would require the government to “clear a strategy to enhance drilling on federal lands and waterways” before using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for non-emergency purposes. Ocasio-Cortez said that leasing additional property for oil drilling would ensure that the world would experience the disastrous effects of climate change even sooner.

To Ocasio-Cortez specifically, Duncan said she should learn more about how “America acquired its low emissions.”

Duncan said that AOC worries about global warming and air pollution, but The United States would not be where it is now without natural gas. The Republican urged AOC to “become educated” on the topic.

In her rebuttal to Duncan, Ocasio-Cortez didn’t hold back. She brought out the big intellectual guns.

“I realize in this body it’s not the first time that it appears like the opposite side can’t seem to be able to argue the topic and so they must come after my character,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

AOC doesn’t realize it’s not her character that is being attacked. It is her intelligence. Her statement, ironically, reveals that lack of awareness and intelligence.

Later, Ocasio-Cortez responded to Duncan’s remarks on Twitter, saying, “few things are more predictable than Republicans having a tantrum when I’m clearing them in a discussion.”

AOC believes she is “clearing” people. Whatever that means.