AOC’s Claim About Tipping Comes Back To Bite Her

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) showed her ignorance in one of her first postings on Threads, a new social media site.

According to a post, AOC made the bizarre remark in answer to a question regarding the greatest and worst experiences she had while working in the food service sector. 

She said, “My goodness, it seems like there is an unlimited supply.”

She said that she had some very bizarre anecdotes to tell. There was once a very wealthy man who visited for one week out of every year and had a serious mansplaining problem. He appeared to take pleasure in it.

She went on to explain that the man (who sounds to be very lonely or potentially has a slight mental condition) would frequently ask AOC and other employees to engage in question-and-answer sessions with him.

Then he’d tell a story, peppered with asides that AOC thought would put down the staff and boost himself. The server may typically expect to receive a gratuity of $200-$300 from the man.

According to AOC, the wealthy man would do the same thing every day for a week, and then disappear until the following year. And this is the WORST story she could come up with.

In this time of Bidenomics, with high inflation, high rents, and money tightening, to tell a story like that is completely tone-deaf.

Who wouldn’t want to get a $300 tip from a lonely older man who is just trying to talk to people?

AOC makes her story seem like she was put through agony because a guy “mansplained” to her. As Bill Burr, the comedian, says, she should try roofing in the summer as a redhead if she wants to experience a tough job.

Probably tens of thousands of people would be forever grateful to a rich, lonely guy for his gratuity in exchange for listening to him.

AOC is the nasty person in her own anecdote.