Assassins’ Prank by Kansas School Students Gets Teen Shot

According to an affidavit that was recently submitted, a high school student in Kansas played a “senior assassin” prank using gel bead guns, which culminated in a youngster being shot with an actual firearm, which paralyzed him from his waist down.

On May 11, an incident took place outside of a Walmart in Goddard, and the police discovered Anakin Zehring (18) had sustained a gunshot wound to his back. The bullet had struck his kidney, liver, and spinal cord, which caused him to become paralyzed. Two teens, 16 and 17, who were with Zehring, ran away.

The three teens were playing a game called ‘Senior Assassin,’ which is a social media-based game that often involves high school seniors using water cannons and gel-bead guns to target other people. The assaults are often recorded by the participants, who then upload them on social media.

As a consequence of the game, two schools on Long Island went into lockdown.

In the instance of Zehring, he and his companions are accused of using a gel-bead pistol to fire shots at two other minors, namely a girl who is 17 years old and is named S.C., and her boyfriend, who is also 17 years old and is designated as G.B., who were both outside of the Goddard Walmart.

Zehring told police that his friend was the one who fired the gel blaster, but his companion stated that Zehring was the one who shot at the two teens.

An employee at Walmart overheard the teen in the car yelling he was ‘their senior assassin’ before firing the gel blaster, and he immediately notified management.

In accordance with the affidavit, the three adolescents attempted to enter the Walmart immediately after they had targeted G.B. and S.C., but a store manager threw them out.

Gel bead guns are toy weapons that fire superabsorbent polymer water beads.  Other names for these types of guns include gel blasters, gel guns, gel shooters, and water bead blasters. These firearms are intended for use in recreational shooting games that are comparable to paintball or airsoft.  

A call was placed to the father of the young woman, Ruben Marcus Contreras, and she informed him of the events that had transpired.  Contreras then went to Walmart and later saw Zehring and his friends in their Chevrolet Spark. He then reportedly removed a pistol from his waistband and fired it into the car.

Since then, Contreras has been charged with attempted murder in the first degree, and he has been freed from the Sedgwick County Jail on bail.