“Authorized” Fox News Account On Truth Social Isn’t Authorized!

(NewsGlobal.com)- Truth Social, the social media platform developed by former President Donald Trump’s team, reportedly has a verified Fox News account ready and waiting to be used…but Fox claims that they don’t own it.

On Thursday, Axios released a report that showed screenshots of a verified account for Fox News, which included the Fox News logo. The reporters asked Fox News whether they opened the account, to which a spokesperson for the network said that they are “not on Truth Social.”

Devin Nunes, the CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, declined to comment on the story – and it was probably a smart move.

The story was designed to attack and humiliate the former president when the simple truth is that Truth Social is likely holding the account for Fox News so that they can use it should they eventually decide to open up an account on the platform.

And given how many Trump supporters watch Fox News, it’s not crazy to assume that Fox will eventually join.

Truth Social has been off to a rocky start. Two months ago, the platform officially launched but couldn’t keep up with the huge amount of traffic being directed to the site. Since then, top officials from the company have resigned and the platform is still not fully available for users.

Time will tell whether Trump goes ahead with the project or merges with GETTR, but for now, don’t expect stories like this latest one from Axios to go away.

They’ll never stop with this nonsense.