Bannon Lawyers Pound The Table And Shout In Latest Contempt Filing

( In a scathing column at Above The Law, Liz Dye breaks down Steve Bannon’s legal team’s latest filing in his contempt of Congress case, calling it “completely batsh*t.”

Dye described the filing as “performative indignation” that claims executive privilege isn’t just a lifetime benefit but covers “everything he does for all eternity.”

In her scathing and sarcastic column, Dye tears apart Bannon’s lawyers’ filing noting that in their argument, Bannon’s lawyers take issue with the Government’s position that, at the time of the January 6 riot, Bannon was a private citizen and not a member of the Trump administration. Bannon’s lawyers point out that Bannon did work for the Trump administration for seven months in 2017.

Dye notes that the Government’s contention is correct. Bannon had not worked in the White House since 2017 and the Select Committee isn’t asking him about his brief seven-month tenure as part of the Trump administration.

She mocks the lawyers for claiming that Bannon’s conversations with another former Trump administration official, Mike Flynn should be fall under executive privilege as well even though neither Bannon nor Flynn was in the executive branch at the time of their conversations.

The lawyers also argue that, because Flynn was working for attorney Sidney Powell at the time of the conversations, anything Bannon said to Flynn is covered by attorney-client privilege. Dye points out that Flynn isn’t a lawyer, nor was Powell a member of Trump’s legal team at the time.

The long and short of it is Dye uses her column not only to tear apart the filing but also to lob childish insults at Bannon, Flynn, Trump, Sidney Powell, and Rudy Giuliani. She takes great delight in pointing out that Bannon was fired by Trump three years before the January 6 riot.

She concludes that the argument Bannon’s attorneys are making in their filing is “so patently ridiculous that even Trump’s lawyers never tried it.”

Dye points out that even Trump’s campaign lawyer had written Bannon’s attorney to tell him they didn’t believe there is immunity from testimony for Bannon. She notes that this filing is making arguments on executive privilege Trump’s own counsel denies.