Barack Obama Honored The Same Man Involved In Assassination Attempt

( The 21-year-old radical activist who was arrested for attempting to assassinate the Jewish Democrat candidate for mayor of Louisville Kentucky was a former darling of the media and the Democrat Party.

Quintez Brown, a student at the University of Louisville and a former columnist for the Louisville Courier-Journal is accused of walking into the campaign office of Craig Greenberg on February 14 and opening fire.

The suspect, a Black Lives Matter activist who recently announced he was running for the Louisville Metro Council, was apprehended by police shortly after the shooting carrying a bag containing the 9 mm Glock, a gun case, and additional magazines. He also had a loaded magazine in his pocket.

Brown was involved in the Louisville Black Lives Matter riots in June 2020. In years past, he was feted by Liberal journalists and Democrat Party leaders. In 2018, he appeared in an interview with MSNBC’s resident racist Joy Reid to discuss “common-sense gun reform.”

Quintez Brown was also honored by the Obama Foundation’s “My Brother’s Keeper” (MBK) program as a “rising face.” And in 2019, he was one of 22 students chosen to attend the inaugural MBK Rising! Summit.

After his arraignment in the attempted shooting, Brown was released from jail after his $100,000 bond was posted by the local Black Lives Matter chapter.

Brown’s cash bond was posted last Wednesday by the Louisville Community Bail Fund operated by the Louisville BLM. He was released from the Metro Department of Corrections just hours later.

People who wandered into the Capitol on January 6 after police opened the doors for them are still languishing in a DC jail without bail pending trial. But this guy attempts to assassinate a Jewish Democrat candidate and two days later he walks free.


Chanelle Helm, the Louisville BLM organizer who co-founded the bail fund told the local news that Brown would be safer out of prison. Craig Greenberg won’t be safer. But Chanelle doesn’t care about him.

She also claimed Quintez Brown suffers from PTSD from enduring two years of the COVID pandemic and “social unrest.”

What a shock. They’re going with “mental health issues.”