Ben Shapiro Says World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab Is Part Of A Global Conspiracy

( Klaus Schwab formed the WEF in 1971. The WEF conducts an annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where hundreds of world leaders, diplomats, and academics assemble to discuss how to rule the world collectively. Schwab opened this year’s meeting by saying that the future isn’t just happening. Schwab noted that this superior community builds the future.

The world can be improved. There are two prerequisites. We operate as stakeholders of broader communities, serving self-interest and the community. That’s called “stakeholder responsibility.” Secondly, we collaborate.

This is the global cry to elitists. They designate themselves global interests’ representatives without elections or accountability, then build national and international order to govern citizens. Schwab decoded “stakeholder capitalism,” one of his favorite terms. What he means by the term is that free markets, trade, and competition produce so much money that they could make everyone better off if the will was there. Corporations must relinquish their primary objective of servicing consumers and shareholders and instead answer queries like “What is company X’s gender pay gap?” How many diverse hires and promotions? How has the corporation reduced its greenhouse-gas emissions?

All of this hubris is based on a warped vision of decentralized change. Schwab recognizes that free markets have created more prosperity than any other system. Free markets aren’t a top-down imposition by conspiratorial muckety-mucks. Free markets resulted from centuries of evolutionary societal progress: gradual recognition that private ownership encourages work and innovation; incremental understanding that individual rights are the only alternative to endless conflict; step-by-step acceptance that decentralized sources of knowledge are broader and more profound.

The most solid and permanent institutions are traditional because, as F.A. Hayek observed, they grew without anyone’s design.

Schwab and his ilk reject this evolutionary strategy. Instead, he and his rationalist friends — bright businesspeople, ambitious politicians, aspiring bureaucrats, and myopic specialists — will heal the world’s woes if given power.

In recent years, elitists’ self-perception has become a staggering irony. To the elitists, their remedies failed because the public didn’t listen; to the public, the elitists failed because their prescriptions were wrong. So long as elitists have power, they’ll continue to pursue utopian goals at the expense of the people they claim to serve.