Betsy DeVos Reports Biden Is Using A “Poison Pill” On Student Loans

( Appearing Tuesday on the Fox Business Network, former Trump Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos criticized President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

DeVos was asked, “Who do you think is footing the bill?

She replied that it’s very clear that two out of three Americans will own student debt if this plan actually goes through. Two out of three Americans didn’t take out student loans to attend college.

DeVos acknowledged the many students who have faithfully paid down their debt or the veterans who have earned their tuition.

She said Vice President Kamala Harris couldn’t answer the question because she didn’t want to answer the question. She knows, politically, it’s a poison pill. It’s a pay-off on the one side for hopeful votes this fall, but on the other side they know this is, ultimately, a political loser.

According to a memo from the Office of the General Counsel of the Education Department, Biden is authorized to erase debt widely in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak under the HEROES Act of 2003, and DeVos’ conclusions were “substantively incorrect.”


The debate over the legality of student loan forgiveness has persisted for a long time. Biden’s Education Department produced a study on the legitimacy of canceling student debt, according to documents with redactions made public in October, but did not make the memo’s contents available to the general public.


But, immediately after taking office, Biden voiced reluctance to forgive a more significant debt, such as $50,000, stating he wasn’t convinced he had the right to do so.


Biden finally concluded he did have the ability to cancel up to $20,000 as part of pandemic relief despite resistance from Republicans, but that doesn’t exclude future legal disputes.


Democratic lawmakers, however, have consistently said that Biden can cancel $50,000, or all, student debt by simply signing an executive order, and they will continue to push for even more relief.


When her days in office were waning, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos criticized President-elect Joe Biden’s higher education platform, which included promises to erase student debt and provide tuition-free higher education.


DeVos chastised legislators for promoting “the truly insidious notion of government gift giving.”