Biden Admits US Citizens Likely Captured By Hamas

Reports show more than a dozen US citizens were among the people slain in Israel over the weekend.

According to a statement made by President Joe Biden, the U.S. government thinks that American citizens are among the hostages being held by Hamas.
Biden claimed the US was cooperating with Israeli authorities to learn more about the locations of the currently missing American individuals.

On Saturday, Hamas launched an onslaught on Israel, killing hundreds and taking dozens more captive. Israeli media reported that the deaths from the Hamas assault had risen to over 900 people, with an additional 2,600 wounded.

Israel then launched a barrage of airstrikes into Gaza, killing dozens of Palestinians. According to the Gaza Strip’s Ministry of Health, Israeli airstrikes on the blockaded enclave of Gaza have resulted in the deaths of over 700 Palestinians and the injuries of 3,800 more.

Biden said he had instructed his staff to coordinate with their Israeli counterparts on all fronts related to the hostage crisis. This includes sharing information and sending in specialists from the US.

Biden also said that law enforcement agencies around the country had increased patrols at Jewish community hubs.

A report shows that after a long discussion with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war ministers in Tel Aviv, Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed that Joe Biden would go to Israel on Wednesday.

The White House then issued a statement saying that Biden will continue his trip to neighboring Jordan.

Blinken said that the trip was planned to send a clear message to actors not to use the situation to harm Israel and to reaffirm the United States’ support for Israel.

Biden will get a detailed briefing on Israel’s war goals and tactics, including how Israel wants to minimize civilian fatalities and assist in bringing humanitarian relief to the Palestinians. Biden will also concentrate on negotiating a return of the captives being held by Hamas.