Biden Begins Slurring During Public Speech

( Joe Biden made a brief trip to Maryland on Thursday night after three weeks of COVID, vacation, more vacation, more COVID, and signing over $1 trillion in new government spending ($700 billion for the green new deal and $300 billion for forgiving student loans).

For whatever reason, Joe Biden organized a rally. A group of idiots was bused in to stand behind him and applaud the fall of the United States.

Throughout the speech, Joe Biden stumbled, stuttered, frequently lost his train of thought, strayed from the podium, and yelled at the crowd.

A demonstrator, at one point, began yelling about the stolen election. He was told to stay by Joe Biden. He decided to go.

It was peak Biden. The economic recession, record inflation, and high gas prices don’t deter the barking seals who would applaud Biden if he broke wind.
When Biden isn’t mumbling, making up phrases, or dozing off like a robot drained of its batteries, he’s undoubtedly saying something offensive and earning a pass from the defensive press.

Take, for instance-

My deceased son, Beau, he was the Attorney General of the State of Delaware. And what he used to do is go down, in the east side, the — called the “Bucket” — highest crime rate in the country. It’s a place where I used to — I was the only white guy that worked as a lifeguard down in that area, on the east side.

And you know where the — you could always tell where the best basketball in the state is or the best basketball in the city is: It’s where everybody shows up.

None of us want to be judged by the worst or most stupid thing we’ve ever said or done. But ordinary people do not continually say dumb things and still wield power.

It becomes clear when an offender needs to be terminated or canceled over time. Joe Biden’s time has come.

But the degree of offense is frequently directly inverse to your current importance to the Democratic Party. Biden is important. So the press runs defense for this abject moron, the walking National Security Risk.

If a little-known Republican state legislator had described a mainly African-American community as “where the best basketball in the state is” and also said it’s where the crime is, they’d be canceled within 24 hours.