Biden Blames Republicans for Budget Deal Frustrations

As the summer season of 2023 in the United States is now in the rearview mirror and autumn begins, most Americans are not in the least bit focused on the presidential election of 2024. Instead, most individuals are more worried about being able to pay their bills, as inflation continues to crush the middle class. It is estimated that over 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Disregarding this likely reality, major media outlets at the national level are committed to making the presidential primaries a sizeable focus of their coverage. In the Democratic field, the current President Joe Biden remains the party frontrunner for the nomination in the present. Biden also faces only paltry opposition, principally from Robert Kennedy Jr.. Kennedy, holding a position of a distant second place to rear of Biden in the polls, has generally been received in a better regard by Republicans than progressive voters in his own party. Despite this, Biden remains vulnerable and largely unpopular. His approval ratings continue to show alarming statistics; in a recent poll over 61% of Americans disapprove of his performance.

On September 23rd, the troubled President blamed “extreme Republicans” and asserted that it would be the GOP’s “fault” if a government shutdown occurs on September 30th. In May, Biden claimed that a deal was reached between House Republicans and his administration that ensured funding for essential aspects of government bureaucratic functions while also ensuring a reduction of $1 trillion in a budget deficit over the next 10 years. Biden now claims that these Republicans no longer want to “honor” the alleged deal.

Biden, a career politician and a master of utilizing every opportunity to promote a personal political agenda, blamed Donald Trump for the actions of the Republicans. According to Biden, Trump, his likely 2024 opponent, is a “threat to American democracy”. A recent poll shows Trump with a ten-point lead over Biden in a presidential rematch.