Biden Condemns Violence Amid Targeting Of SCOTUS Justices

( The White House has finally spoken out against acts of violence, threats, and vandalism during pro-abortion rights marches after a few days of total silence.

The Biden administration’s hand was forced after vandals set fire to a pro-life clinic in Wisconsin, writing on the clinic wall, “If abortions aren’t safe, then neither are you.”

The statement said that President Biden strongly condemns this act and all forms of political violence. Throughout his public life, the President has made it clear that Americans have the constitutional freedom to express themselves, regardless of their political beliefs. However, such speech must be nonviolent, devoid of violence, destruction, or intimidation.

Biden “absolutely believes in the Constitutional right to protest,” according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, but that right “should never involve violence, threats, or damage.”

Pro-choice campaigners marched to the homes of Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend.

Psaki added that judges serve an extremely important role in our society, and they must be free to carry out their duties without fear of physical harm.

The declarations follow a week of press queries from The Daily Wire about threats to disrupt Catholic masses on Mother’s Day, vows to demonstrate outside Supreme Court justices’ houses, and the doxxing of the justices’ home addresses.

On Sunday, it appears that no demonstrations took place in Catholic churches. Police were stationed outside many Capitol Hill churches after the churches issued notifications to parishioners warning of impending problems.

In a Sunday Twitter thread, Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers condemned “violence and intolerance in all forms, including the activities at Wisconsin Family Action in Madison last night.”

He stated that his administration abhors violence towards anyone who disagrees with another’s point of view. Violence is not the solution. It’s never a good idea to hurt people. By leading with empathy and compassion, he will campaign against reversing Roe and attacks on reproductive rights. Words and voices shall defend our beliefs,
on the streets, in government halls, and at the voting box.

He said that the people of Wisconsin must set an example.

The Madison Police Department adopted a much weaker rebuke of the violence, stating it “understands members of our community are feeling profound emotions due to recent news surrounding the United States Supreme Court.”

That’s leading by example, Madison, Wisconsin-style.