Biden Fails To Accomplish Anything With $7.5 Billion Budget

In 2021, the Democratic-controlled Congress allocated $7.5 billion to President Joe Biden to install electric vehicle chargers throughout the United States. The intention was to address both the concerns of drivers and the pressing issue of climate change. However, two years have passed since then, and no charger has been implemented.

The New York Times analyzed in 2021, revealing that $1.2 trillion of the ‘Infrastructure’ bill would be spent over eight years, with $550 billion allocated for roads, electric vehicles, rail lines, bridges, water systems, and other programs.

Biden had promised to utilize billions of dollars to construct hundreds of thousands of EV chargers. Unfortunately, the implementation of this plan has been hindered as his administration focuses on banning gas-powered vehicles.

The blame for the lack of progress lies primarily with the complicated contracting and performance requirements that states and the charger industry must navigate to access federal funds. Although federal officials have authorized over $2 billion to be disbursed to states, fewer than half of them have even initiated the bidding process for charger construction, let alone begun the actual construction work.

Installing chargers across the country is crucial in achieving President Biden’s objective of having half of all vehicles sold in the United States be electric by the end of the decade. Lack of charging infrastructure consistently ranks as one of the main reasons Americans hesitate to purchase electric cars.

The scarcity of electric vehicle charging stations is evident, yet Joe Biden and the Democrats are proceeding with their plans to ban gas vehicles.

The situation has become so dire that even Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm experienced difficulties charging her electric vehicle during a road trip earlier this summer. Energy Department staff had to pull over to charge their fleet, only to realize there weren’t enough fast-charging plugs available.

One of the four chargers they encountered was broken, and the remaining plugs were in use. In a desperate attempt to secure a fast-charging plug for Granholm’s approaching EV, an Energy Department staffer parked their gas-powered vehicle in a way that boxed in a low-income family with a baby inside their car on a sweltering hot day. Understandably, the family was enraged and ended up calling the police on the staffer.

With all these issues in mind, the pressing question remains: Where is the $7.5 billion Democrats passed to install EV chargers? The lack of progress and the mishaps experienced by government officials raise concerns about the proper utilization of these funds and the effective execution of the charger installation program.