Biden Gives Gavin Newsom Glowing Endorsement

President Joe Biden is granting Governor Gavin Newsom his endorsement for his White House aspirations.

Biden told the crowd at the APEC summit’s opening celebration on Wednesday night that he wanted to talk about Governor Newsom. He said he’s done a fantastic job as governor. He said Newsom is, in reality, capable of attaining anything he chooses, including securing his spot for the presidency, Biden concluded.

Newsom’s presence has been a major factor in the 2024 presidential campaign. The governor has increased his national profile recently, despite his repeated assertions that he will not contest Biden’s reelection bid. Polls suggest the growing Democratic star as a potentially powerful option to Biden should the president, who will turn 81 next week, bow out of the White House contest.

It’s unclear if Biden was talking about a specific presidential contest or was just saying he could see the governor as president in 2029 when his second presidential term would finish.

Some in the Democratic Party see Newsom, who turned 56 last month, as a possible rival to Biden due to his popularity and age.

The governor successfully avoided a recall election in 2021 due to criticism of his handling of the coronavirus epidemic. Since then, he has risen to prominence nationally, with high-profile meetings with leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping last week and Republican presidential nominee Ron DeSantis of Florida scheduled for later this month.

As the president confronts poor popularity numbers and a problematic general election next year, rumors have surfaced that Newsom might replace Biden as the 2024 Democratic contender. Biden is still in a statistical dead heat with Donald Trump, the undisputed frontrunner of the Republican Party.

About half of Americans (49%) say that a president should be at least 50 years old, according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center this past summer. Fewer than 4%, however, stated they would support a candidate at least 70 years old. Next year, Trump will turn 78.