Biden Helps Audience Member Who Fainted

( A video of President Joe Biden attending to a spectator who passed out during a speech has gone viral on social media.

The person passed out as Biden was speaking on Sunday at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York.

During his speech, Biden stressed the significance of Tuesday’s midterm elections and the significance of the Democrats’ victory against the Republicans.

In the video, Biden repeatedly says, “I got this,” while pleading with the audience to get help.

Biden says he “got it” but what does he have? He begs others for a little help.

“Someone fainted, I got it,” Biden says.

As Biden “got it” he asked the audience where the “he or she” fainted. “We’ve been standing for a while. Is there any medical assistance available?” said the “hero” Biden.

In the video, Biden can be heard saying, “Here they come, I don’t think we can get through that way,” as helpers try to approach the person off-screen.

“Wait a minute, everything will be fine, coming through both ways here, there is a lot of standing,” he continued.

As the audience applauded and clapped, someone off-screen shouted to Biden that they “got her.” The second wave of cheers was, inexplicably, directed at Biden. Biden did nothing.

Last Thursday, Biden recognized that if the GOP wins the November elections, he will face some challenging times.

He has stated that if Republicans successfully take over Congress, he faces the possibility of being impeached.

“I’m already been informed they’re going to impeach me if they win back the House and Senate.” “I have no idea why they’re going to impeach me,” the speaker said.

Audience members began to chuckle at the comment, but Biden responded, “No, I’m not joking.”

Biden might have been referring to a story in The New York Times on October 28 and said that some Republicans tried to “hush up” news of possible impeachment.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican representative, submitted a resolution to impeach Biden in the House in 2021, but with Democrats in charge of the body, the resolution had little support.