Biden Informant Vanishes, Fox News Is Told

A report reveals that after chastising left-leaning media for ignoring the latest news on the Biden family’s illegal financial dealings, Maria Bartiromo of Fox News interviewed the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee on Sunday Morning Futures.  

According to a report, Maria Bartiromo wanted to know whether there were any unaccounted-for whistleblowers or informants.

Rep. James Comer said that the information gathered and the individuals discovered all go back to the CFC. 

The committee has identified 10 persons with extensive knowledge of the Bidens, including the two primary actors in that firm, all of the Americans participating in the various purchasing influence-peddling activities, and the Serbian national.

They are either awaiting trial or incarcerated, and one is missing at this time. Witnesses want to come forward, so the FBI must cooperate with us to determine what and investigations they’ve conducted. However, they legitimately worry for their safety. The media is also trying to intimidate and undermine them, as are the Biden attorneys and the Biden White House. 

Bartiromo asked if Comver knew who in the White House was intimidating them.

Comer said that he knew, and they’re holding that information for a later time.

Reports confirm the Biden family has been accused of misconduct by at least 5 whistleblowers who have come forward with allegations of impropriety related to business plans and subsequent coverups.

They join the many other witnesses interrogated in private by Republican lawmakers.

An Obama administration stenographer, an IRS agent, and others have come out to report wrongdoing at the FBI, the DOJ (Department of Justice), and even in Ukraine and Mexico.

Last Friday, Republican Congressman Comer said that Obama was aware of the Bidens’ global dealings with America’s enemies.

Comer implied that Obama knew the Bidens’ financial dealings on the Great America Show with Lou Dobbs. Comer disclosed that his family firm had earned more than $10 million from operations in Romania and China in exchange for what looks to be influence selling.

Comer believes Obama’s objection to Joe Biden running for president in 2020 was influenced by his familiarity with the family company.