Biden Is Targeting Air Conditioners

( In an op-ed at Townhall, columnist Stephen Moore blasts the Biden administration for regulating virtually everything in your home and the car you are permitted to own.

Moore notes that the DoE’s new rules limit the amount of water coming out of showerheads, how much warm air can come from your forced air furnace, and how much cool air can come from your air conditioner.

President Trump stripped so many of these intrusive regulations, but the Biden administration is bringing them back.

Ostensibly to save the amount of water used, the “water-efficient” showerheads mean people take longer showers to make up for the lower flow of water. So how is it saving water?

Everything from light bulbs to refrigerators are also facing the heavy hand of regulation from the Biden administration.

And then there are the regulations on automobiles.

Despite cars being more fuel-efficient than they’ve ever been, the Department of Transportation recently unveiled new regulations to make cars, minivans, and light trucks even more fuel-efficient, requiring all vehicles to meet a minimum of 49 miles per gallon by 2026.

In his column, Moore points out that the fuel-efficiency standards will do nothing to reduce pollution levels because Americans will opt to keep their older vehicles rather than pay the additional $1,000 to $3,000 for a new “fuel-efficient” model.

Worse still, to achieve this higher fuel-efficiency level, car manufacturers have to make cars lighter. And lighter cars are more dangerous. According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, vehicles made of lighter material are more likely to crumble in an accident, leading to more fatalities.

The objective isn’t to conserve fuel. The true objective is to squeeze Americans out of gas-powered vehicles and into the more expensive electric vehicles. Moore argues that the Biden administration knows that the 49 mpg regulation is unachievable. This is a means to an end.

Like everything the Biden administration does, the new fuel-efficiency standards are a means to force “Green” alternatives on the country.

It’s all about control. The administration wants to tell you what to drive, how much you can heat or cool your home, and how much water you’re permitted to use while showering.