Biden Nominee Took Payments From Overseas Countries

( During her Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday, President Joe Biden’s nominee for a prominent position at the U.S. Agency for International Development faced challenging questions for accepting funds from Qatar and rejecting historic peace agreements between Israel and Arab governments.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called the White House’s nomination of Tamara Cofman Wittes “concerning” and confirmed the Biden administration’s anti-Israel bias.

Wittes requests confirmation as USAID’s assistant administrator.

Wittes is under fire for her work as the Brookings Middle East Policy Center director, which got $22 million from Qatar.

After retired general and former Brookings Institution president John Allen resigned last week under a federal investigation into his suspected activities as an unregistered lobbyist for Qatar, questions regarding Wittes’ background and connections to Doha, Qatar, grew more critical.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) referred to the White House’s selection of Tamara Cofman Wittes as “concerning” and proof of the deep anti-Israel prejudice of the Biden administration during a meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Wittes said she was ignorant of General Allen’s troubles. In 2012, she and former Brookings vice president Martin Indyk lobbied with Qatar’s authorities to enhance sponsorship.

As a foreign lobbyist, she wasn’t required to register, and Brookings had regular FARA training. She understood the rules.

Cruz questioned Wittes’ tweets on the Abraham Accords and her advice to Arab nations not to establish relations with Israel until 2020.

Cruz asked why she advised Arab nations not to establish ties with Israel?

“Senator, I was dubious when the magnificent statement from the Emiratis in August 2020 was made. I had doubts that any more Arab countries would join them, but I was incorrect, ” said Wittes.

Cruz continued the inquest by questioning a tweet she wrote that gushed that the Israel-UAE peace accord had suffered a “new setback.”

I don’t know what the hell you mean by “authoritarian triumph” and “normalization of men,” Cruz snapped. How can you be a prominent government official when you advocate against Middle East peace agreements?

When Wittes tried to walk back her on-the-record statements, Cruz stopped her.

“I recognize that this is the current politically correct response. But that wasn’t what you said back then,” Cruz admonished.

Why does the left lie about who they are during confirmation hearings?