Biden Official Makes Creepy Request For Children

On May 1, Assistant Secretary for Health, “transgender” Rachel (Richard) Levin kicked off the start of Adolescent Health Month by promoting resources on “sexual and reproductive health,” the Daily Caller reported.

In a press release on Monday, Levine discussed the importance of focusing on the “strengths and potential” of young people in the United States. He said that in observing this year’s National Adolescent Health Month, the Department of Health and Human Services would be “finding ways” to offer assistance to “caring adults” to help create an environment in which young people can “grow in a healthy way and thrive.”

But for “Rachel” Levine, such an environment would no doubt include “caring adults” who encourage minors to undergo transgender medical procedures.

The Assistant Secretary for Health is a vocal proponent of transgender procedures for minors. In November, Levine admitted that so-called “transgender” youth would be supported at the “highest levels” in the Biden administration.

Levine has also voiced support for the effort to supplant parents in the lives of their children, saying in February that “transgender” minors will need to find another “supportive adult” to replace their parents.

Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services announced that it would observe this year’s Adolescent Health Month by expanding reproductive and sexual health information and services for minors.

In the HHS press release, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health Jessica Marcella cited the saying “It takes a village” to explain why HHS’s Office of Population Affairs would be “amplifying” the role of “youth-serving professionals” by supporting their “interactions with young people” in promoting adolescent health.

In a recent Rose Garden event honoring the National Teacher of the Year, President Biden declared that there is “no such thing as someone else’s child” and argued that America’s children “are all our children.”