Biden Refuses To Answer Question About Chinese Balloon

( Biden doesn’t want to discuss the balloon.

Following his address on the economy on Friday morning, Biden declined to accept questions on the balloon; in the afternoon, on his way to Marine One, he passed by the reporters who were yelling questions about the balloon. Biden did not answer any of the questions.

On two separate occasions, he’s dodged the press to avoid addressing tough questions on what is believed to have been a Chinese surveillance balloon that was seen flying over the United States.

As Joe Biden left the Oval Office, reporters hurled questions at him.

“Are you concerned about the balloon?” they shouted.

Biden just grinned, as he often does, and kept walking.

Biden believes this grinning makes him look powerful as if to imply, “no need for worry, I have it under control.” The effect, however, is more like he is a clueless dunce.

The Chinese foreign ministry has said that the balloon was used for “research,” even though they have certified that it belonged to China. The spokeswoman for the Pentagon, Brigadier General Pat Ryder, refuted the assertion made by China and said that it was utilized for “surveillance” reasons.

As a result of the balloon finding on Friday, the trip to China scheduled for Secretary of State Antony Blinken had to be postponed.

Blinken said negotiations with China were impossible because the “conditions were not suitable.” If he had gone, he would have been the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit China in the previous five years

Tuesday was the day that the president received his first briefing about the balloon, and since then, he has “continued to get frequent briefings and updates from the national security team,” according to statements made by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Friday.

According to what Jean-Pierre said, the president decided not to shoot down the balloon after being informed that doing so may pose a “danger” to property and individuals on the ground.

Ryder said the balloon would continue to hover over the United States for “a few more days” since its entry into U.S. airspace violates “international law.”

He did not reveal the precise position of the balloon, but he did say that it is now hanging above the middle of the United States.

Meanwhile, Biden is grinning as he awaits orders from his handlers.