Biden Requests $13B In Defense Spending For Ukraine

Despite growing public resistance, President Biden has asked Congress for an additional $20.6 billion to aid Ukraine in its fight with Russia. This is over five times the amount of the $3.9 billion he has requested for anti-fentanyl initiatives, illegal migration processing, and border security.

According to a report, the new budget proposals were made on Thursday before a budget battle is likely towards the end of September when conservative Republicans in the House would seek cutbacks to prevent a shutdown.

After Congress approved $113 billion in aid for Ukraine the previous year, the current request is no surprise.

The full extent of the supplementary request pertaining to Ukraine was not immediately apparent. On a recent press call, an official in President Biden’s administration claimed that the president had once again pledged U.S. support for Ukraine in its fight to protect its independence.

Reports show New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been pleading with federal officials for months for funding to aid with the care of illegal migrants who are released at the US-Mexico border.

This week, after having previously been deported from the United States, an illegal immigrant sought wanted for sexual assault in Guatemala, and the subject of an Interpol warning was discovered residing in the illegal migrant sanctuary state of New York.

Last Monday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in New York, which provides a safe harbor for illegal immigrants due to its strong sanctuary state statute, apprehended a 56-year-old Guatemalan illegal alien fugitive named Alejandro Pixtun-Hernandez.

As President Joe Biden’s administration goes on to import an underclass of destitute foreign nationals to this country, more and more migrant youngsters find themselves in New York City’s frequently hazardous and crime-ridden subway system, peddling candy to strangers.

Because youngsters sell larger quantities of candy than adults, many are overseen by parents who choose to have their children work instead of sending them to school.