Biden Says COVID Still An “Emergency” Despite Saying Pandemic Is Over

( Joe Biden visited his fictitious White House set in South Court Auditorium on Tuesday to receive his “updated” Covid booster dose.

“Update your Covid vaccination! It has a remarkable level of efficacy!” according to Biden. He said the truth is that not nearly enough people are receiving it, and they must find a way to change that.

Whenever Biden says “the truth is,” you can bet what he is saying is a lie or lies surrounding it. Why would anyone put in the disclaimer “this is the truth”? It implies much of what you say isn’t.

Biden stated that”one Covid shot each year will be all that is needed for most Americans and that if you get it, you are protected and if you don’t, you’re putting yourself and other people at unnecessary risk.

“Just a single dose once a year.” “ No biggie.”

But that is not the case. Shots lose efficacy in a matter of a few months.

Biden also stated on Tuesday that Covid is still a “global health emergency,” as he was surrounded by Dr. Fauci, Xavier Becerra, Vivek Murthy, and other “expert” individuals.

“A number of our allies in Congress are of the opinion that we do not require funds from Covid. Or, “they argue there really is no reason that the government should be paying for it,” added Biden. “Either one of those two options is unacceptable.”

After that, Biden leaned forward and whispered in his patented creepy manner, saying, “I strongly disagree. This is an emergency affecting health across the world. If we are serious about putting Covid in our rearview mirror, we must keep up the battle together!

In an interview on “60 Minutes” earlier this month, President Joe Biden hailed the end of the Covid epidemic.

There is no pandemic. We are still experiencing issues with Covid. We are still experiencing issues with Covid. The virus has been contained.

Days later, they were covering up for the gaffe-prone president, cleaning up on “aisle Biden.”

Earlier, Biden rewrote U.S. policy on the fly and said we would back Taiwan militarily if China invaded.