Biden Says Immigration Makes America Strong at Pro-Migration Fundraiser

At a May 1 event for pro-migration organizations at the posh Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C., President Joe Biden said that immigrants, not voting American citizens or their children, are the ones who make the US economy great.

Instead of increasing U.S. exports to emerging nations or investing more in workplace technology and innovation to boost Americans’ productivity, Biden’s speech highlights his agenda of boosting the national economy via Extraction Migration.

A pool reporter reported that Biden remarked that the US welcomes immigration. He claimed that China’s economy was stalling badly, and Japan, Russia, and India were as well. Biden claimed it was because those countries were xenophobic. Biden claimed immigrants are not welcome there, but America’s strength is somehow derived from the flooding of illegal immigrants into the US.

Biden’s remarks were characterized by establishment media as a diplomatic mistake rather than an economic mistake.

As average Americans see their salaries being eroded by hyperinflation and housing expenses, and Wall Street benefits from cheap labor, Biden’s pro-migration stance has ruined his poll numbers this election year.

Many human resources are taken away from nations that are struggling due to migration policies. By reducing wages for Americans, supporting low-productivity businesses, increasing rents, and driving up real estate prices, the influx of more workers, customers, and renters drives up stock values.

Just as in the UK, where a massive influx of migrants has reduced salaries, increased housing prices, and halted productivity advances, the Conservative Party in the UK is bracing for an election disaster by January 2025.

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is supported by investors, is expected to lose the election in October 2025 due to the negative effects of mass migration on salaries and productivity and skyrocketing housing costs that have caused a decline in the birth rate.

Ireland’s former prime minister, Leo Varadkar (whose father was born in India), drastically increased migrant numbers, which will lead to losses for the country’s major political parties in 2025.