Biden Seemingly Confirms He Has Handlers In New Statement

( President Joe Biden complained that his aides wouldn’t allow him to read a children’s book at a White House Easter function.
At the traditional White House Easter Egg roll, First Lady Jill Biden and her husband sat together for a book reading session.
After his wife introduced the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” Biden lamented that they were not going to let him read at all.
The first lady looked at him and then permitted the president to read the first page.
Biden joked that he couldn’t read backward while turning the book toward him so he could see the text.
He read the first page to the First Lady and then turned it toward her for her to continue the story-time.
When the book text repeatedly asked what the animals observed, the President cut in and said, “I see Joe looking at me,”
When the First Lady read how the animals in the novel perceived children, Biden exclaimed, “Whoa! Yay, kids!”
Biden attempted to rise after the story, but Jill Biden grabbed his arm and urged him to stay put.
“She instructed me to simply sit,” Biden said, “don’t move.”
“She’s a teacher,” Biden reminded the attendees.
The First Lady said, “I’m the teacher, you know.”
Staff members constantly directed Biden during the event. At one point, the Easter Bunny even drew him away from a crowd of youngsters because he was seemingly unfocused on his duties.
After his speech, Biden’s wife pushed him to wave to the audience.
Several people through the years have volunteered to read a children’s book at the Easter Egg roll.
In 2016, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama took turns reading “Where the Wild Things Are.”
Obama and his dog Bo read a book to youngsters by themselves in 2013.
Melania Trump, the first lady, read the book to the children by herself.
When the president muffs the text on a teleprompter, it’s often given a free pass because the jargon can be complicated or not familiar.
Maybe the White House did not want the president to be seen screwing up the text of a children’s book.