Biden Sees ‘No Labels’ Presidential Bid As Threat To Victory

President Biden said in an interview with ProPublica that he thinks it would be bad for No Labels to run a presidential candidate. He claimed that making such a bid would help his political rival paradoxically.

Senator Joe Lieberman maintains that he is “upholding democracy” by exploring a third-party presidential run.

Biden responded that Lieberman and the No Labels group have democratic rights to make that decision. He said there is no justification not to do it. But, in the end, it will help Trump, and “he knows it.”

The President said that it is a strategic move on his part in politics, and he disagrees with it. But, again, he reiterated that it was their right.

In late August, Lieberman, the organization’s founding chair, insisted he was not trying to derail things.

According to Lieberman, polling and public discourse show that Americans have lost faith in the two major parties; they’d rather not pick between Trump and Biden again.

He also said that the group wouldn’t launch a third-party bipartisan ballot unless they were certain of its chances of victory.

Lieberman continued, “We are not going to be a spoiler.”

Pro Publica’s John Harwood probed Biden on whether he thought he was the only Democrat who could protect democracy.

Biden said he’s not the only Democrat who can keep it safe. But he hinted about who he felt was the man who could destroy democracy– Trump.

He added that he happens to be the Democrat he thinks is best positioned to ensure that doesn’t happen.

In addition, Lieberman stated in the August interview that if No Labels were to create a ticket, it would be non-ideological and attract supporters from both major parties.

He said they’d run on a ticket that included members of both major political parties.

According to Lieberman, thinking that they’ll screw it up and elect President Trump again is unrealistic.