Biden Shuts Down Trump Program To Catch Chinese Spies

( Joe Biden, China’s ally in the White House, has halted Trump’s initiative to prevent Chinese surveillance.

According to reports, five months after a federal jury convicted him, a judge has thrown out three of four convictions against Feng Tao. Tao worked as a University of Kansas researcher and Fuzhou University in China and received research funding from the US Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation.

Tao was sentenced as part of the Department of Justice’s China Initiative, which President Donald Trump launched in 2018 to safeguard American national security from Chinese spying on intellectual property and academia.

Reports show that Chinese scientists working in the United States, including those who have become citizens or permanent residents, routinely receive funding from the Chinese government and collaborate with scientists in Communist China. It includes working with scientists from the People’s Liberation Army, all while receiving research grants from the National Institutes of Health and other federal government agencies funded by American taxpayers.

According to reports, scientist Shibo Jiang obtained his MS and MD degrees from the First and Fourth Medical University of the People’s Liberation Army.

Between 1997 and 2016, Shibo Jiang worked in the United States as a Principal Investigator on more than $17 million in research grants, the vast majority of which came from Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He also received Chinese government support and actively collaborated with Chinese research institutions and the People’s Liberation Army.

Investigative reports show the research project involved immunizing human transgenic mice from MERS-CoV infection. Shibo Jiang associated himself with the Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute in New York and Fudan University in Shanghai, China.

The study cites the University of Texas Medical Branch’s Center for Biodefense and Emerging Diseases in Galveston, Texas. It is a facility financed by the United States Department of Defense that holds a Biosafety Level-4 high containment laboratory for viral research.

At the very least, investigations should be conducted to evaluate if research partnership with China is a sensible use of US public funds. But China Joe in the White House will not allow it.

Why are there so many level-4 laboratories in the US?