Biden Slammed For Supporting Iran

Reports show Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton demanded that President Biden show unyielding support for Israel in the wake of Saturday’s extraordinary strike by Hamas while simultaneously condemning his apparent weakness towards Iran, which is widely believed to be behind the atrocity.

The president has been appeasing Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism, for the last three years. Beyond the $6 billion freed up when sanctions were lifted only last month, ten billion dollars were transferred from Iraq to Iran.

Cotton told Maria Bartiromo of FOX News on Sunday that the Biden administration has ignored more than eighty assaults on American soldiers in Israel and the Middle East and has also allowed Iran to make advances against commercial ships in the Persian Gulf. Since taking office, this government has released hundreds of millions in funds to the Palestinian Authority and allowed Iran to equip Russia so that more Ukrainians might be killed.

Cotton’s statements align with those of other prominent Republicans who have criticized the Biden administration in the wake of Saturday’s incident. This includes Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina), who has alleged that Biden financed the attacks on Israel.

According to Scott, this is even more dangerous than evil actors sensing America’s vulnerability. We didn’t simply ask for this hostility; we bought it. Hamas receives the bulk of its funding from Iran. This is the $6 billion ransom paid by the Biden administration.

Officials have alleged that the six billion dollars can not be utilized for anything other than humanitarian aid.

In a statement released today, a group of moderate Democrats, the Blue Dog Coalition, called for an immediate freezing of the $6 billion.

The group said that Iran has historically funded terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and others that are hostile to Israel’s existence.
Representatives Chris Pappas (D-New Hampshire) and Colin Allred (D-Texas) are just two of the several Democrats who have issued remarks along these lines.
Democratic Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin stated in a statement that the US ought to freeze the $6 billion until there is complete assurance that Iran did not play a part in these brutal terrorist assaults on the Israeli people.

Democrat senators from Montana, Jon Tester, and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin made identical demands.

Senators Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) have sponsored bills to prevent Iran from getting the money.