Biden Threatens DeSantis With A “Nightmare”

( President Joe Biden threatened Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, along with other Republicans during a trip to Tampa in which he reiterated the debunked claim that they want to cut Social Security and Medicare, according to BPR. The comments are reportedly meant to associate Republicans with slashing the programs and allegedly serve as a jab to his opposition as he prepares to announce his 2024 presidential bid.

“Look, I know that a lot of Republicans, their dream is to cut Social Security and Medicare,” Biden said. “Well, let me say this, if that’s your dream, I’m your nightmare.”

During the State of the Union, Biden had also made these claims and was met with loud boos from GOP members of Congress, with many calling him a liar, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

To prove his point, the president placed a pamphlet on attendees’ chairs that included a statement by Republican Sen. Rick Scott who had reportedly said that he wanted every piece of legislation to undergo another vote every five years. But the National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman has since said that his proposal does not mean he wants to slash the entitlement programs.

Scott tweeted that Biden was either “confused or a hypocrite.” But he did say that Congress needs to reevaluate the programs once a year and tell their constituents how they will be paid for, noting that they are “on the verge of bankruptcy.”

Biden took a shot at DeSantis for not expanding Medicaid access to 1.1 million Floridian residents and said that an expansion would have happened if former Gov. Charlie Crist were elected in the midterms, according to The Daily Mail. Crist was formerly a Republican before changing parties to endorse Barack Obama.

“I really don’t get it, it’s not like you’re the poorest state in the union,” Biden said of Florida.