Biden Threatens Sanctions After Laws Targeting Minorities 

( Reports reveal that the President of Uganda gave a passionate address to parliament in support of the new regulations, arguing that they are necessary to protect the current and future generations of Ugandan children from the dangers of gay pedophilia and grooming. 

Anita Annet, Uganda’s Parliament Speaker, said the new law, which bans homosexual activity, the endorsement of homosexual behavior, and gives capital punishment to gay child-grooming predators, safeguards the sovereign power of the nation, the moral standards, and the culture. 

The new legislation in Uganda to protect children and award the death sentence to pedophiles has been criticized by the Western leaders, such as the Biden Administration, and LGBT movement organizations have been holding anti-Ugandan rallies. Some Ugandan officials have even made light of the ambition of Western governments to impose homosexuality on the people of Africa, drawing parallels to colonialism. 

Obama-Biden insider John Kirby warned that the US would impose economic penalties on Uganda if the country planned to implement a death sentence for homosexual pedophiles. 

According to Kirby, a whole community of individuals within Uganda has been negatively affected by anti-pedophile and grooming laws. 

A report from 2014 showed Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni passed a harsh anti-gay bill, and the country’s administration saw a significant reduction in funding. 

Around 20% of Uganda’s budget comes from outside donors. 

Three European countries declared the withholding of several million dollars in direct assistance to Uganda’s administration, while the World Bank announced it was postponing lending to the country. 

The Netherlands said it would stop helping Uganda but continue assisting nongovernmental organizations. It shifted $8.64 million in funding for Uganda to private players and civic organizations. 

The World Bank temporarily halted Uganda’s $90 million line of credit.

A bank spokesman said the financing aimed to improve health systems in East Africa. He said the bank’s private sector lending division wants to ensure the new law doesn’t hurt the project’s development goals.