Biden Warns U.S. Soldiers Will Fight Russia If Aid Not Approved

If Congress blocks more help from being provided to Ukraine, American soldiers might be forced to battle Russian forces, according to President Joe Biden.

European allies are becoming more concerned about the ramifications for democracy in their backyard, and his administration is warning legislators of catastrophic consequences for Kyiv if they do not act to keep assistance flowing.

More than $100 billion has been requested by Biden to address national security concerns, including the crises in Ukraine and Israel. On the other hand, Republicans on Capitol Hill have resisted the idea, with some members urging Biden to focus on border security first.

The repercussions of not supporting Ukraine have been emphasized time and time again by the White House.

Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young said in a letter delivered to Congress on Monday that they were “out of money to help Ukraine in this struggle,” however, the time right now is the moment to assist a democratic Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression.

But Republican leaders wasted little time standing firm, pledging to block any assistance for Ukraine that did not include “transformative” measures to strengthen border security.

Anatoly Antonov, the Russian ambassador to the US, was reported as stating that Biden’s remarks on a possible confrontation between the US and Russia were “provocative language unbecoming of a responsible nuclear state.”

This week, the White House issued a warning about the United States’ limited resources to assist Ukraine in defending itself against Russia’s invasion. National security advisor to the president Jake Sullivan said that the United States will continue to maintain its long-standing stance against pressuring Ukraine into engaging in discussions with Russia. To reach a bipartisan agreement on border policy and border sources, he said that Biden is willing to engage in “reasonable, responsible conversations.”

During discussions over financing for Israel and Ukraine, border security with Mexico has emerged as a critical concern. Republican leaders in the House and Senate are reviving a contentious policy that would have asylum seekers remain in Mexico pending their immigration case while simultaneously supporting the resumption of building the wall along the border, which was former president Trump’s signature goal.